If you have a question and can't find it here, please get in touch and we will endeavour to help in any way we can. Here are a selection of our FAQ's...

  • 1. How fresh is your fish?
    • We never refresh our fish like many other supermarkets and vendors do, which means your fish is delivered fresh just like it arrived at our factory in Grimsby.

  • 2. Is your fish sustainably sourced?
    • We take sustainability very seriously, which is why we will only buy fish from suppliers we know behave in an ethical manner. All the seafood that we sell can be traced back to the waters it was fished in and where it was landed before making its way to Grimsby.

  • 3. Can I freeze my fish?
    • Yes you can! Our products are designed to fit easily inside a freezer and we would recommend freezing on the day of delivery unless you are planning on cooking straight away.

  • 4. When can you deliver my fish?
    • You can choose any day between Wednesday-Friday for your delivery.

  • 5. Do you use recyclable materials in your packaging?
    • We use Envirocool boxes that help keep your products both fresh and cool, which are fully recyclable. However some of the plastic used in sealing your fish to keep it fresh is not currently recyclable. We are constantly reviewing our packaging however to find improvements where possible without sacrificing on quality.

  • 6. Does your factory have any waste?
    • We are proud to say we operate a zero waste factory. Discarded elements of our fish are all sold on to other suppliers for various uses.

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