About Us

At Grimsby Seafood we want to celebrate the prestigious history of the Grimsby fishing industry and fish market by delivering the best quality seafood, fresh to our customers' doorstep.

We sell a range of boxes showcasing the quality of fresh Grimsby fish. From our PGI Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish that you cannot buy anywhere else in the world but from Grimsby, to the finest Cod, Salmon, Sea Bass, Monkfish and many more delicious species of fish.

Our boxes cater perfectly for busy parents who want to cook healthy nutritious meals and our gourmet boxes suit customers who want to experiment in the kitchen, improve their cooking skills and potentially impress on a date night!

Check out our full list of boxes and see what suits you!

How does it work?

Step 1: Order from our website

Step 2: Your order is packed in our Envirocool boxes to help keep your orders cold and fresh on delivery

Step 3: Fresh fish from Grimsby is delivered straight to your door!

Subscribe and Save!

Take the hassle out of buying online and subscribe to any one of our boxes! When you subscribe we will automatically send out another box to you every 4/8 weeks at a discounted price.

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